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At BetsBooster, the top-rated successful sports betting arbitrage, we want to help you increase your profits from sports betting and other outlets. There are many different things you can wager on. In this blog, we’re going to cover the basics here to get you started.


We’ll start with one of the most intuitive types of sports betting – the moneyline. Wagering on the moneyline is simply picking a team to win the game.

In this example, the Raptors and Warriors are playing against each other, and we can bet on the moneyline for either of them. If the team you bet on wins the game, you win your bet – pretty simple!

Now, how much money you win is a different question. That depends on the odds (shown under “Consensus” in the example).

We have another post that teaches you how to read betting odds, so we’ll skip that part for now.


Betting on the spread is similar to the moneyline, but with some important differences. You can win a spread bet even if the team you bet on loses, and you can lose a spread bet if your team wins.

Let’s use the same Golden State vs. Toronto game to dig in to the details:

If you bet on Golden State +5, you are betting on them to score more than 5 fewer points than the Raptors. If you bet on Toronto -5, you are betting they score more than 5 points more than the Warriors. If the teams score exactly the spread, it is a push, which means you get your wager back and neither win nor lose any money.

Let’s say the final score of the game is Golden State 135, Toronto 136. Golden State loses the game, but covers the spread because they only score 1 point below the Raptors. The Raptors do not cover the spread.

If the final score is Golden State 131, Toronto 136, we have a push.

Toronto covers the spread as long as they score more than 5 points more than Golden State, so they win if the score is Golden State 130, Toronto 136, or Golden State 131, Toronto 137, or Golden State 130, Toronto 140, etc.

The odds for each spread bet are in light gray on the right in the screenshot.


The over/under line works differently from the moneyline and spread – for over/under bets, you aren’t choosing one team. Instead, you are betting on how many points they score combined.

Types of Bets | Types of Bets | Types of Bets
The over/under line for this game is 219.5, which means that if the two teams combine for 220 or more points, the over wins. If they combine for 219 points or fewer, the under wins. (Types of Bets)

This one is pretty simple, but we’ll do a quick example anyway:

If the final score is Golden State 131, Toronto 136, they combined for over 219.5 points (267 total), so the over wins.

If the final score is Golden State 110, Toronto 108, they combined for under 219.5 points (218 total), so the under wins. (Types of Bets)

The over/under line almost always tries to be even odds (so a 50/50 chance of each side winning), which is useful for some cases like earning FreeBets from welcome offers.

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