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What is Matched Betting?

Mаtched Bеtting – also known as arbitrage – is a bеtting technique used by individuals to profit from the free bets and incentives offered by sportsbooks.

It is considered risk-free because it is based on using mathematical equations instead of chance or guessing.

Matched betting is a method of turning free bets offered by online bookmakers into real cash. We do this by covering all of the potential outcomes of a sporting event by placing multiple bets.

By doing this, you will make a profit each time because it no longer matters which team won the sporting event. For example, an NBA game between the Lakers and Celtics has two possible outcomes: the Lakers win, or the Celtics win.

Betting on both, with our formula, guarantees a profit.

If you prefer to learn by trying yourself – sign up for our free trial and you’ll earn over $100 from the first few offers. No payment details needed. No obligation to subscribe. Getting started is on us.

Is Matched Betting legal?

Yes, matched betting is perfectly legal. It can be done by anyone able to open an online betting account – that is most adults in the USA in States where sports betting is legal online.

Matched betting is still relatively new, which is one of the reasons many still don’t trust it, but it’s growing in popularity as people realize the potential.

One other thing to remember is that you do need some spare cash in order to cover the qualifying bets. This is essentially a float that you get back, but is required in order to place the required bets to unlock the free bet.

How much can you make from Matched Betting?

The income earned varies widely, depending on each individual’s circumstances. The main factors are willingness to put in the time, and having some extra cash to get started.

To give a general idea, many of the sportsbooks are still running promotions that offer $1000+ risk-free bets, in addition to smaller spontaneous promotions.

As long as you have the cash to get started, you should easily be able to make several thousand dollars per month.

If you are able to travel to other States where online betting is legal, you can create new accounts in other States and double-dip on the signup bonuses – and pay for your trip in winnings.

Do I Need To Be A Gambling Expert?

Not at all. Leave that to us. You don’t even need to be interested in sports.

Matched betting is really just about following instructions. We take care of the hard part to keep it simple for you. It is used by sports fans but is equally popular with remote workers as a side-hustle.

Matched betting itself is one of the safest and easiest ways of making money online. The profits you can earn relative to time spent means your hourly rate will be much, much higher than most jobs.

Match Betting Tips

Keep it simple

Start with the sign-up offers and only do the offers you understand. As your experience grows, so will your confidence. This is important before attempting some of the more complicated offers. Remember, matched betting is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You do have to learn the process and devote time to completing the offers – but it is worth it!

Monitor your money

Keeping track of your cash is vital. Your money will be spread across several accounts and it’s easy to lose track.. Finding $75 in your Unibet account might be a nice surprise but that’s money that could have helped generate more profit elsewhere.

Stay secure

Keep a list of usernames of passwords using something like LastPass. This will save you time and keep your details secure when logging into all your bookmaker accounts.

Speed it up

Set up bookmarks for all the bookmaker accounts, or even consider a separate user profile on your computer. Use autofill to complete sign-up forms quicker.

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you think you’re due a refund or a free bet, use live chat to ask the bookmaker where it is.

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