Turning Free Bets into real money

What are Free Bets?

First things first, they are not real money. But BetsBooster can turn them into real money for you. You’re welcome.

Really, Free Bets are a fake currency, used only within sportsbooks – designed to keep you betting.

They’re a bit like credit card miles, but without an easy way to cash them out. Until now.

With BetsBooster, you can turn that $1,000 Free Bet into as much real money as possible – rather than gambling it, and potentially being left empty-handed.

We’ll handle the math, all you have to do is place the bets.

How to Use Free Bets

Each app varies slightly in how you apply Free Bets, but they never let you directly turn Free Bets into real money.

You use Free Bets instead of your stake for a wager. A stake is simply the money you wager – not including your winnings.

If you use a $25 Free Bet to wager, you can still win money, but you don’t get your stake back – you used the Free Bet in place of staking real money.

For example, if you use $25 to bet on +100 odds, your payout will only be $25 if you win – if you had bet $25 real money, your payout would be a total of $50.

Want to Know More?

Our friends over at Caesars have a great post about Free Bets too!

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