What can you do if you’ve been limited?

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Smaller sportsbooks usually have betting limits that are already much lower than those of the higher limit bookmakers, and they are not interested in taking advantage of sharp activity — or bets from professionals/experts. Those with greater restrictions will be slower to limit players, but they will almost definitely do so if it becomes apparent that they are being outplayed by the other players. Even though their odds will be considerably sharper than those offered by the previously listed recreational bookmakers, there are still bettors who can defeat them.

What to do if You’re Being Restricted By A Sportsbook?

A sportsbook’s account limitations and betting limits are reduced after you open an account with them; in most cases, these restrictions will remain on your account indefinitely. Many bettors may attempt to open a new account under a different name to regain access to a sportsbook after they have been prohibited from doing so. Some people have had success doing this, but it is against the terms and conditions of the sportsbook, and they monitor IP addresses to prevent things like this from happening.

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If you attempt to join up under someone else’s identity and they become aware of your plan, you run a significant danger of losing your invested money as well as any possible wins you may have earned. In this forum, there have been some success stories, but there have also been some horrific horror tales of men who built up a large balance on a “new account” just to have their funds seized from them.

Resolve the Issue with the Sportsbook’s Restrictions

The fact that being limited is almost always a permanent restriction that lasts for the duration of your account’s existence suggests that gamers may have a window of opportunity to bargain with management. Players who get an email or notice on their account may want to write an email to management informing them of the issue, if possible.

Common ground may be possible depending on how long you’ve been betting at the sportsbook and the type of wagers you’ve placed. Several bettors have pledged to stay away from certain markets and have worked out a deal with management to eliminate betting limit restrictions in return for a greater payment.


Other sportsbooks could take a leaf out of Circa’s book and emulate his success: Be forthright in stating your limitations. Keep your limits consistent regardless of who is betting against you. Don’t get tangled up in the concept of “partial acceptance.” And, if you’re going to futz, please provide me with my menu so that I can choose if I should be breaking down Jacob Hollister’s game footage or whether it’s not worth my time to bother.

According to Levitan, transparency is always beneficial. “However, it stinks when they lie about taking action from anybody and then refuse to allow everyone to wager the same amount.” “It would be interesting to find out.”

The reality is that it would be more than just amazing; it would be precisely how every other company in the world works. For sportsbooks to maintain their all-of-a-sudden emergent operation, it is necessary to bring everything into the open.

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