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Unparalleled wagering, also known as parlays, accumulators (or access), combination wagers, or multis, is a single bet that ties together two or more separate bets and is contingent on all of those wagers winning together. The advantage of putting a parlay is that the payoffs are much greater than if you placed each bet individually since it is much more difficult to hit all of them at the same time. If any of the bets in the parlay are unsuccessful, the whole parlay is unsuccessful. The parlay reverts to a smaller number of teams with the odds decreasing correspondingly if any of the plays in the parlay ties, or “pushes.”

So what exactly is a parlay? What is the procedure for placing a parlay? Should you place parlay bets?

The answers to these and other questions will be covered in detail here when we go through all things pertaining to parlay. Here at BetsBooster, the top-rated successful sports betting arbitrage, we can help you better understand sports betting as well as other kinds of popular betting — allowing you to raise your profits.

What Exactly Is A Parlay Bet?

Parlays are referred to in a variety of ways in various countries across the globe. They may also be referred to as “accumulators” or “multis” depending on the sportsbook or the area in which they are played.

Whatever you choose to call it, the idea is pretty straightforward. A parlay bet is essentially a gamble that combines several bets into a single stake. As a result, it transfers the profits from each wager into the next leg of each wagering sequence. For the parlay to be considered a winner, each “leg,” or individual wager, in the parlay must come in as a winner.

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Let us use the Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from last season as an example. Following Pro Football Reference, the Chiefs won the game by a point against the spread with a betting total of 54.5 for the game between the sides.

Consider the following scenario: a gambler wants to make a wager on both the spread and the total, with a risk of $100. Alternatively, they may take $50 and bet on the Buccaneers +1, and then take the remaining $50 and wager on the under 54.5. If both bets are successful, our hero will get $90.90, assuming a -110 price on both bets.

Alternatively, if this same bettor so desires, he or she may combine both bets into a $100 parlay, if so desired. After this, the bets are linked together, and the bet must win on both sides for the bet to win. This time, if the Buccaneers win the Lombardi Trophy after a 31-9 victory, the bettor will get $264.

Isn’t there a noticeable difference? Please read the following paragraphs before you go out and load the cannon to discharge the bankroll on a series of parlays.

The Different Kinds Of Parlays

Round Robin are two of the most popular kinds of parlays to play.


A round robin wager is one in which several parlay bets are placed at the same time. That is all there is to it. Round robin bets are just a technique to make numerous parlays easier to put together. Sports bettors who round robin their teams are analogous to horse bettors who “box” their horses to place an exacta or trifecta wager on the outcome of a race.

The round robin will consist of teams or totals chosen by the bettor from three to eight teams or totals. They will next choose the number of teams or totals they would want to connect for the round robin competition. Example: A bettor may choose eight teams and totals for a round robin and tie the parlays to as many three-team combinations as they can.

The number of various parlays a bettor may place will be determined by the mix of teams. Consider this: if an individual wants to round robin eight teams, they will have a total of 28 possible parlays if they select just two teams (as in the previous example). Those who want to wager on three-team parlays will have a total of 56 distinct parlay tickets available to them.

The cost of the ticket will be determined by the amount selected for each parlay. With $300 in their bankroll, the bettor may opt to round robin the teams by two, resulting in 28 possible parlays at $10 apiece. The payoff for each successful parlay is the same as it would be if each of the parlay bets had been placed on its own.


A teaser is similar to a conventional parlay in that it allows the bettor to pick several teams or totals at the same time. However, money lines are not permitted while betting on a teaser game. In contrast to a parlay, the bettor has the option of moving each point spread or total up or down by a certain amount of points. As a result of the extra points on the spread or total, these bets are less difficult to win and therefore pay less than a conventional parlay wager.

Teaser bets have the potential to alter point spreads or totals by anywhere between six and ten points. Each leg of the teaser, on the other hand, must utilize the same amount of points. Those legs of the teaser may go in a variety of ways at various times.

For example, the Kansas City Chiefs -7 may be coaxed down to -1 by reducing the spread by six points. Meanwhile, the Houston Texans may be teased up to six points, with odds ranging from +4 to +10 points on the spread.

Similar to a conventional parlay, the more the number of teams participating in a teaser, the greater the payout. Again, various sportsbooks have varying odds and regulations, which means they may have different payouts and teaser choices available to wager on the same sporting event.

Cards For Participation

The use of a Parlay Card seems to be the most common method of placing parlay bets in casinos nowadays. Bettors fill in the numbered circle of the side or point spread they want to incorporate in their wager on these long, thin cards. Once the teams and totals have been selected, the bettor simply gives the part of the card that has been filled out to the ticket writer at the sportsbook, along with the amount of money they want to stake.

In particular, during football season, parlay cards are very popular. Teasers, which tie wins and reverse teaser cards (also known as pleasers), are just a few of the many distinct kinds of Parlay Cards that may be found in the game. Because they are becoming more popular with each passing year, mobile sports wagering applications have begun to provide Parlay Cards for mobile gamblers.

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